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Hi, I'm osawa.

Today, I will introduce the three work I'm doing in term of management in English. First, I make the schedule management interesting. I think communications play an influential role in the schedule management, so I held a meeting to discuss a schedule. Second, I manage the account, and negotiate with companies for their support. Our team is supported by about 70 sponsors including big companies such as Honda, ZF Japan. Third, I prepare for  a meeting which is held every week to make a discussion lively. I pick up the issue that happened recently in our team and make a topic of the discussion list. If a team fails on management, the team cannot win the competition. While people think Student Formula is heavily focused on technical mechanical and electrical engineering design, it, it is as much a management competition as it is an engineering design competition!!

   Students can learn product development process through Student Formula. In static events students can understand design, cost and sales strategy. In dynamic events students can know how difficult to practice what they think. Students are both nervous and excited in the competition. Students have a lot of works because they make a formula car in only one year. So, Student Formula is the project of the students by the students for the students. I would like to learn a lot of things through the project.