Vehicle inspection lecture class and Exchange meeting of static examination

Hello, I'm Osawa.

Nov.11, I went to the vehicle inspection and exchange meeting of static examination at Nagoya University. 

At first, I attended the vehicle inspection lecture class.

I learned what is not OK.  I'm not  major in science, so I could hardly understand what the teacher said. But I thought my team member could understand everything.

Next, I attended the  exchange meeting of presentation examination.

The exchange meeting of static examination divided into 3 types, design, cost, presentation.

In the exchange meeting of presentation, people who won the last  examination lectured how they thought about the presentation examination, and how they planed to grab the judges' hearts.It was very helpful. I got the most impression on the lecture by Kobe university student. He made his project alone, and announced the project  alone in the last competition!

I thought I wanted to do like him, if I could.

There are about 10 month to the next competition, but I should prepare for presentation now in order to win the first prize.